A (somewhat) fun day with my niece yesterday

I saw Taylor yesterday for the first time in like a month. The last time we saw her was on my birthday when we got B&R, so it would have been a month from tomorrow. Rebecca had some thing going on where she couldn’t take care of Taylor and I had early release, so I got to play with her for an extra long time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any work done with a little toddler running around grabbing stuff off of the shelves. I don’t know how my friends in Reno can stand being around people all day. Especially when you have to work with the public, because you get all sorts of grown babies that find their way into your office. Somehow my buddy who works as a chiropractor in reno can manage.

He takes care of clients all day, leaving them satisfied and healthy. Anyways, Taylor and I got a lot of stuff done. We looked at my mom’s Lu La Roe clothes, since Taylor likes to pretend she’s shopping, then we ate some snacks, watched Sesame Street, played piano, and still managed to find time to play outside on her swing set that I built. At the end, we also drew some stuff in a coloring book. I wouldn’t call what she did “coloring”. No artistic talent at all. She draws like a little kid. Whenever I draw, I like to draw 3D cubes. Something about the organization helps me calm down.

The only problem is that I’m a perfectionist, so if there’s any imperfections I always have to correct them. I barely even got any homework done last night, either. I had to fill in for Rebecca at Taylor’s swim lessons, and then Taylor wanted to sit in the hot tub. We still had to eat afterwards, so I didn’t even make it home until like 8. All in all, it was still fun though. When we got out of the pool, she kept saying my name nonstop. She can almost say Alex, but it’s still mostly “awa”. I’m still her favorite uncle, regardless of what Naomi says.