Orlando Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Steak House Restaurants in Orlando, Florida

Orlando FL Restaurant Steak HouseOcean Prime is located at 7339 W. Sand Lake Road in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the many restaurants that are part of the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants company. The dream to become a restaurant industry giant took place in Cameron Mitchell’s dining room when he was a kid. There he drew out his future that would lead him to where he is today.

He got his first break when he went to work for a large restaurant group in Columbus, Ohio. Once he had gone as far as he could with this group, he decided to strike out on his own. He did not pay himself for fourteen months while he put together everything he needed to open his first restaurant.

His first restaurant opened in 1993 in Columbus and served contemporary American bistro food. It was such a huge success that investors flocked to him to open other restaurants. Today they have over 34 restaurants in twelve states including Ocean Prime.

Cameron’s ability to read the local geography and know just the right restaurant to build is uncanny. Today Ocean Prime can boast about their over seven hundred and fifty positive evaluations on the world wide web giving them well over a four-star rating.

Linda’s La Cantina on 4721 E. Colonial Drive in Orlando, Florida got its humble beginnings in 1947 when a German immigrant named Rudolph Seng bought a tiny Italian restaurant. The area was underdeveloped; however, Rudy and his wife Edie had a passion for cooking which made them very popular to the locals as they perfected the craft of grilling steaks.Orlando FL Restaurant Photo

Eventually their son, Al moved back to Orlando with his wife Linda to help his parents run their restaurant. After Rudy passed in 1972, Al and Linda took over the business naming Al and Linda’s La Cantina. Well, as happens in life, the two divorced and Linda insisted on running the cantina taking Al’s name off the title.

Sadly, there was a fire in December of 1994 that totaled the building. While the family worked together to re-open the restaurant, they go word that Al passed away from a heart attack. Through all of their trials, they were able to re-open Linda’s La Cantina to the joy of their many fans.

Linda retired in 2001 which was a shock to the family. They humbly took the reins and carried on the tradition. They have close to one thousand reviews online that has produced a four-point seven-star rating.

Orlando Florida RestaurantSaltgrass Steak House has restaurants all over the United States as well as the one at 8440 International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The history of The Saltgrass Legend can be traced back to the 1800’s where one could see millions of Longhorn cows roaming the North Texas valleys.

It is said the Longhorns were herded to the Texas Gulf Coast in the winter to chomp on the rich coastal salt grass. They were then herded to market on the Salt Grass Trail. Their beef was known everywhere as one of the best beefs available.

A tradition was started in 1952 when a group of riders’ rode the historical trail to bring awareness of the opening of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Every year cowboys gather to take the trail and kick off the rodeo. When taking the trail, they pass the original Saltgrass Steak House.

Today they work to recapture the flavor the open campfire gave to this amazing grass-fed beef. Visitors have posted over three hundred evaluations on the internet which gives them well over a four-star rating.

Orlando Hood Cleaning has been serving the greater Orlando, Florida area for years. They understand the importance of doing a hood cleaning in a commercial restaurant on a regular basis. One of the biggest things that takes out a restaurant is a grease fire. Hood Cleaning is the best way to prevent a grease fire as it removes all the grease and grime not only from the commercial kitchen exhaust system, but they clean the turbine up on the roof as well.