The best places to eat in Reno

If you name a place in Reno, I have probably eaten there. After all, I lived there for seven years. I don’t think I can decide on my favorite place to eat there, but I can think of at least a top five. Those include Mel’s Diner, Legends, the Purple Parrot at the Atlantis, Sully’s, and the drive-in theater. The last one doesn’t really count, but I love their hamburgers. You’d think they would be some cheap trash that came out of a can, but they’re really good. The burgers are still cheaply made. They’re not restaurant quality, but still good nonetheless.

Mel’s Diner is great not only because they have amazing music or great food, but also because we know the waitress there we’re basically regulars. I get to play Creedence Clearwater Revival ad all my 50s music. They also have Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny, which is Steph’s favorite song. I’m gonna take her there sometime so we can listen to all the music on their jukebox. It’s a lot of music from my dad’s era too, so he loves it. Their food isn’t the absolute best, but it’s all about the aesthetic.  I got to look into their kitchen once, and it was super obvious that they need to consult a hood cleaning in Miami FL. Sadly, they don’t live in Miami. I’d visit Miami, but I would want shorter hair and some open button-up shirts so I didn’t sweat like a pig.

The Purple Parrot has the best clam chowder in Reno by far, and they also serve it in a bread bowl which is my favorite. Everyone at Legends knows my family, so they treat us like royalty there. Everyone knows what my dad eats and what he wants to drink, so it’s like our extended family in a way. We’d never hang out with them or invite them over for dinner, but at least we’d have a few more allies when the apocalypse inevitably arrives. Do you think we’re going to go to war with North Korea? Let me know in the comments down below, and subscribe to my channel. Just kidding, this isn’t YouTube. You can still comment though.