Three Great Restaurants To Visit in Las Vegas

las vegas mediterranean food

Going on a vacation to a different city should always be a positive experience. One thing that all tourists will need to do when traveling to another city is eating, but of course they are not familiar with the local food. That is why I make these lists of reviews, so people can properly spend their money at a place that they will enjoy. You will know what the best restaurants are in advance. Why settle for lower quality at a higher price at other restaurants?italian and mediterranean restaurant

We’ll start with Casanova, a European restaurant. I say European because it serves both Italian and Mediterranean food, which both happen to be exceptional. Casanova is located within The Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas, and those are located in The Venetian. There are a lot of things that I love about the Casanova, but for the purposes of this review I will attempt to condense them into a few points. First up is the interior.

People usually think that a restaurant’s exterior is more important than the inside, but where do you eat the food at? That’s where interior decorations come in. Nobody wants to eat in a building that is entirely white with nothing on the floor or walls, but some restaurants can overdo it at times as well. Casanova strikes a perfect balance between the two, but it is kind of hard to explain with words. Basically there’s enough to keep your interest, but the decorations are not overwhelming.

I need to get a hold of whoever designed the interior though, because I need them on my payroll. The next thing I look for in a restaurant is the quality of their service, or lack thereof. A lot of restaurants in Las Vegas settle for subpar service with great food, because all that really matters to people is the food. I take pride in being treated with respect at restaurants where I eat regularly, so I would never include a restaurant on this list that did not feel the same way. Casanova’s staff are very friendly and respectful, and I have never had any issues or seen any events where someone else needed to step in.

Even with unruly customers who are not communicating well, the servers here remain calm, cool, and collected. This Las Vegas restaurant can get extremely packed, especially on the weekends when every person is out and about. But their workload does not affect their performance, and I appreciate that. No matter how many times I eat here, the waiters can also remember what the hot item is on the menu that day. Either they have amazing memories, or they are just very dedicated when it comes to work.

Probably a mix of both. My favorite thing to order from Casanova is their lobster ravioli, because I love crab and lobster. One thing that I really appreciate about the menu at Casanova is how fresh and unique everything on the menu is. The management could have just settled for serving spaghetti and gyros, but they chose to go above and beyond with their selection. With staff like this, you know Casanova is going to have a lot of positive online reviews for people to read.

las vegas brazilian restaurant

The next restaurant in Las Vegas is a Brazilian steakhouse, so you know it has to be good. Where do I start with this restaurant? There is so much that I want to say, but considering how positive all of my feedback is I am certain that most people will not believe me. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse is located only a few blocks away from the University of Las Vegas, and I see plenty of students eating here all of the time. It may be a steakhouse, but don’t let that blur your perspective of the restaurant.

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse offers very affordable food, which is a nice change of pace from other Las Vegas restaurants. This time around, my favorite dish to order is the filet mignon. Simply stating that this is a steakhouse would be an insult to the chefs, however. On the nights that I feel like ordering something different, I like to order the smoked salmon. This isn’t just a plain smoked salmon, and you can tell how much dedication and effort is put into each meal.

Once again, the staff are nothing short of amazing. I am always amazed at how they can remember so many items on the menu, and still keep up with refilling customers’ glasses the entire time! I’ll never understand it, but fortunately for me I don’t really have to. If you’re still on the fence, check out one of the great reviews on yelp and google and then tell me I’m wrong.

las vegas sandwich shop

Finally, there’s just a sandwich place for those of you who are uninterested in all of these fancy restaurants. Cheba Hut is found just south of Rainbow Park in Las Vegas, so that’s a great area to walk around and eat a sandwich in. There is one key thing that I have forgotten to mention throughout each of these reviews, and it is quite possibly the most important part of a restaurant experience: sanitation. This is important wherever you go, so it’s vital to stay ahead of the game. I know of some hood cleaners located in the city who cover restaurants all over, and I have only heard positive things about the service.

You want to make sure that your restaurant’s kitchen and hood are clean, otherwise your restaurant could be up in smoke faster than you can say “grease fire”. They have plenty of online reviews that you can scour if you’re apprehensive, but hopefully my opinion should be enough. Speaking of online reviews, it would be tough to ignore the sheer volume that Cheba Hut has.

I am impressed that sandwich shops garner the attention that they do, with so much competition in every city. Whatever they are doing, clearly it’s working. My family and I have all written positive online reviews for Cheba Hut, so search for ours while you wait for your food to be made.